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Trailer - Mirage - VR Lasergame Concept

Mirage is a the final movie I made with two other students for the end of my studies.
The idea is based on "The Void" trailer, which exposes the new concept of 4-D video games. Players are immersed in virtual environments base on physical envrionments. So they will run and feel the dimensions, but also have the interesting possibilities of virtuality such as virtual weapons modulable, powers as virtual shields, bombs, grenade etc.
I made the environments you can see here (modelisation, texturing and lighting).
The illustrations are part of the Artbook explaining the concept and the differents steps of conception.
Artbook here :

The other creator of environments was Simon Derycke, check his portfolio here :

The characters were fully made and animated by Donovan Persent
you can check his portfolio here :

Hope you like it !

Trailer - Mirage - VR Lasergame Concept

Florence roland scene hide1 retouche05
Florence roland appear real retouche 04
Florence roland scene couloir door 00056
Florence roland page 1 03


Florence roland page 5 01
Florence roland page 34 01
Florence roland couloir 01 retouche
Florence roland page 25 02
Florence roland page 26 02
Florence roland page 39 01
Florence roland page 29 01